Blinds Northern Beaches

Blinds on the Northern Beaches and North Shore at affordable prices. Many homes on Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore are blessed with wonderful views. We often recommend sleek, contemporary roll blinds to maximise a particular view. We consider your privacy needs, your outlook and the style of your home to offer a huge range of modern and classic blinds.

There is so much choice when it comes to Blinds on the Northern Beaches. Our products include timber and aluminum Venetian blinds; roll blinds; Roman blinds; and vertical panel blinds.

By working closely with more than one manufacturer, we are able to provide a diverse range of contemporary fabrics and styles to suit your budget as well as light and privacy needs.

We have a particular interest in motorising roll blinds, visit our motorised blinds page for more information.

Tips and Advice on Blind Selection

When it comes to choosing blinds, there is so much choice.  The fun part is fabric selection.  However, before you are ready to chose your fabric, there are two main options to decide: 

1. What type of blind would best suit your window?

The main types of fabric blinds are roller (sleek rolls) or Roman (which hangs in folds). There are also glide and vertical panels. The best type of blind really depends upon your room and style.  Roll blinds are great if you want the blind to disappear during the day.  Roman blinds work well where you want to dress the window, even when the blind is open.

2. How much do I want my blinds to block out?  

Here we need to consider translucency.  As a general rule, blinds can be sheer; translucent; or block-out.  A sheer blind will let light in and allow you to see out during the day even when the blind is down.  A sheer blind provides good privacy and shade during the day, however,  a sheer blind will not give you full privacy at night.  A block-out blind, which completely blocks the light, works well where blinds are only down during the night (for example, in bedrooms).  A translucent fabric is also a good option - it lets light in during the day, and provides privacy at night. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me on 0400408216.